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AirUP is an air vending service company whose underlying commitment is to consumer (end-user) convenience and customer (C-Store Operator) satisfaction. The development and implementation of cutting-edge technology is our hallmark. This sets us apart in our ability to service the highly dynamic needs of the Convenience Store Industry.


Market domination by cost-conscious manufacturers has inhibited technological advances in the industry. For the past 30 years, the pay-air customer has been offered primarily a "box on a stick" air vending machine. This lack of market advancement has also subjected C-store Operators to lengthy equipment out-of-order periods, unverified commission splits and long waits for their commission payments.


AirUP has invested heavily to develop proprietary, patent-pending technology that delivers the most convenient, accurate and accountable systems on the market. Whether in paying for the vend, or using the equipment, our advanced systems simplify the process for the consumer.

Further application of our technology supplies our locations with quicker service response times, quicker access to their commission dollars, instant verification of commission splits and the ability to monitor their own equipment usage and status. Our commitment is to continuously pursue Simplicity Through Technology™ for the purpose of providing our customers the best service available.


AirUP's management team is among the most experienced in the industry, accounting for over 85 years of combined "pay air" knowledge. AirUP's customers benefit from our industry expertise as we are acutely aware of the challenges facing the C-Store Industry and make every effort to make our programs a convenient, reliable and accountable no-cost revenue source for them.

what others are saying

“I replaced my former air machine vendor with AirUP equipment and my commission increased dramatically! I collect my money whenever I want to, using my own lock and key, and I always know how much I'm making.“

-N. Khan

“My customers love the Value Vend button. They line up to use the machine. They like it because they can fill up their tires, and vacuum their car, for a good price.”

-R. Patel

“Not only does the AirUP equipment look better than other companies -- it works better. I love the fact that the equipment is monitored 24/7. My commission payments have increased 40% since I partnered with AirUP.”

-B. Amar

AirUP Vending Machine